Make an Example of Tautology  

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As I was putting my PIN number into one of those accursed ATM machines yesterday it struck me that I had forgotten to return back to my initial first thoughts on eliminating tautology.

I believe teachers could eradicate the needless repetition of words wonderfully well if they put their minds to it ;-)


Leadership - What Are Your Doing For Your Staff?  

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(You can click on this image for a full size wallpaper to motivate your staff)

Every year a principal I know releases all the female members of staff for the culminating activity of the, 'People in Our Neighbourhood' Social Studies Unit.

As part of the firefighters' visit she has a 'quiet word' to the station master & makes it clear that the emergency workers are to perform a series of well choreographed moves. These moves are strictly for 'educational purposes' but are required if the crew are to be invited back to the staffroom for drinks after school.

Firstly, a mock rescue of a teacher dressed only in pyjamas is performed for the delight and titillation of all present. Next, the uniformed gentlemen select a 'volunteer' to gently caress the lever that it extends the massive ladder. Often the fireman needs to stand behind the teacher and guide her hand. It is at this point that the echos of much clapping & cheering can be heard by the male members of staff who are 'covering' classes.

After the erection of the ladder, the firefighters must scale it, hose held firmly in hand and then spray foam all over the car park. Needless to say, this is a sight to behold for teachers & students alike but it is enjoyed on completely different levels :-) It is at this point that a couple of the teachers invariably feel the need to reach for a tissue to clean any stray foam out of their hair.

Now don't get me wrong, I can see the this visit does wonders for the morale of the female staff. But I feel a true leader would recognise that a few male members of staff that would eagerly jump at the opportunity to attend an educational demonstration of this caliber. Especially those who secretly hold onto desires of being rescued from the jaws of death by a rugged man in uniform grasping his huge hose.

So all this begs the question, 'What are you doing for the well being of your staff?'