On arrival at tonight's 'Twilight Session' Ms Flaccid (the flaccid-it-ator of the proceedings) beckoned me over with a knowing smile and a toss of her hair.
'Oh BT, so nice of you to drop by. We haven't seen you for a while?'
'Yes... let's just say the slight misunderstanding with the Tax Department is now firmly behind me.'
'Right?... So before tonight's session starts, do you mind if we have a quiet word?'
'Not at all my dear lady', I replied in my usual condescending tone.
'Now don't take this the wrong way, I love your sense of humour. I also love your somewhat controversial input to the sessions, but a couple of the ladies are uncomfortable with your constant challenges to the course content. Would you mind just toning down the vitriol a bit for the sake of peace?'
To which I responded, 'I hear what you're saying Ms Flaccid but, with all due respect, I'll try being nicer if they try being smarter!' and returned to my seat.

I find it amusing, in a world of political correctness, that a request to control one's emotion is seen as socially acceptable. However an overt challenge to engage deeply with academic concepts and content is seen as aggressive.

Bah har