The Bolshie Tweet Award  

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Welcome to my first every Bolshie Tweet Award.

As yet the judging criteria are fluid and evolving. However I feel this tweet is imbued with the, 'spirit of bolshieness' and is deserving of an award.

So without further ado, the first ever Bolshie Teacher Award goes to this little gem.

dear #flagstaffhill teacher threatening to flunk B
student proud of her project cuz her video wouldn't
play on school computer - u r a knob

On arrival at tonight's 'Twilight Session' Ms Flaccid (the flaccid-it-ator of the proceedings) beckoned me over with a knowing smile and a toss of her hair.
'Oh BT, so nice of you to drop by. We haven't seen you for a while?'
'Yes... let's just say the slight misunderstanding with the Tax Department is now firmly behind me.'
'Right?... So before tonight's session starts, do you mind if we have a quiet word?'
'Not at all my dear lady', I replied in my usual condescending tone.
'Now don't take this the wrong way, I love your sense of humour. I also love your somewhat controversial input to the sessions, but a couple of the ladies are uncomfortable with your constant challenges to the course content. Would you mind just toning down the vitriol a bit for the sake of peace?'
To which I responded, 'I hear what you're saying Ms Flaccid but, with all due respect, I'll try being nicer if they try being smarter!' and returned to my seat.

I find it amusing, in a world of political correctness, that a request to control one's emotion is seen as socially acceptable. However an overt challenge to engage deeply with academic concepts and content is seen as aggressive.

Bah har

April Fools Day  

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In the world of high stakes testing school more often than not resembles a drill sergeant barking orders at the ranks than a place that creates beautiful minds.

When was the last time you made space in your timetable to have a good laugh with your students? Just do it!

The Pursuit of Happiness  

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I believe one day the children of this nation will stand up and say,
"!@#$ testing! We Want to Be Educated."
I believe one day the parents of this nation will stand up and say,
"!@#$ testing! We Want Our Children to Have Beautiful Minds!"
I believe one day the teachers of this country will stand up and say,
"!@#$ testing! We're here to Educate!"
I believe one day politicians will say,
"!@#$ testing! We no longer want a dumbed down public."
I believe one day the president will stand before Congress and say,
"!@#$ TESTING!!!
Let's work on the pursuit of happiness for ALL!"

A Handbook for Change or 'Happy Talk'  

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Seems to me that without action this is just a lot of 'happy talk'.

The Shallow End  

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Brandine the Redneck had her chance to shine during 'circle time' tonight. She spent her moment of fame banging on about how the parent body of her school drew from the shallow end of the gene pool and how she was struggling to cope on so many levels. Blah, blah, blah.

Anyway, to her credit Brandine did propose a very practical and innovative solution. She put forward the idea, 'All people would be sterilised at birth and would only be granted the right to procreate after passing a very thorough state administered examination'.

Selflessly I volunteered myself to spearhead the drive to develop the standards and that way people with ideas like Brandine would never be allowed to breed.

I had to endure a 'staff meeting' today where there was not a single item on the agenda which dealt with the education of students. The meeting consisted only of 'administrivia', 'empire building' and circular arguments.

Oh where oh where are all the smart people in Education?

Oh that's right... I do believe they buggered off before the system sapped their will to live.